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Lost Your Keys

Don't Panic Canterbury Locksmiths Is Here

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Moving Home, Change Your Lock

Canterbury Locksmiths know how important changing your locks when you move can be.
However research has shown only 59 percent of people do this.
How many people did the previous occupant give a spare key to? are you leaving yourself massively vulnerable to break-ins? is your lock up to standard for your insurance company? how secure it that patio door, window lock or letter box?
We only use the highest quality locks and door furniture to make property not only as secure as possible but with the ultimate finish.
We offer, here at Locksmiths-Canterbury, a full one year assurance on all work provided.
If you’re unsure of what security needs may help you then contact us for a security assessment.

Locked Yourself Out

Some of the most common reasons we see people look for a locksmiths in Canterbury, is because they have lost or stolen their keys, have broken a key or a doors had just swung shut.
Don’t panic, we know locking yourself out of your home can be a very stressful time.

We are your emergency locksmiths Canterbury 24 hours a day, ensuring your safety, and securing your property.
We operate in a 12 mile radius and aim at being with you within 35 minutes.
See our other pages for more details on Locksmith-
Canterbury’s other services such as emergency services & broken window boarding

Broken your door locks to you home?

Rest assured our Canterbury locksmith can repair your door locks/handles quickly at competitive prices. We have years of experience and getting you safely back in your home.
If you’ve locked your keys in your house? door slammed shut behind you with the kays inside? we carry many tools to enter your home as quickly as possible and more importantly none destructively, leaving you with the best advice for avoiding such situations in the future. 
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Broken Key in the door lock?

If you have broken your key in your door lock, its always our best advise to leave the key in intact and locksmiths Canterbury will be with you ASAP and use our special locksmith tools and techniques to get you back into your home without having to repair or damage your locks. We offer a mobile key cutting service on site to make sure you have a suitable replacement key. 
Doors to your garden get lots of use in the summer months so its very common for patio door locks to get broken, if you have a broken lock or happen to find yourself locked out, be sure to call locksmiths Canterbury for our expert broken key removal service, we will be more than happy to help fit and supply you with a new lock and door furniture. 
If you are locked out of a flat/house/bedroom or apartment, call us for a fast response, we will  always offer reasonable and competitive prices. 
We at locksmiths Canterbury also offer a repair or replace broken window lock service to make sure you are secure and safe in your own home or business. 
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Servicing your own PVC door mechanism.

Lubricating the lock and cylinder, maintaining and lubricating the mechanism strip in your PVC door you will need a can of silicone spray locksmiths Canterbury recommends you only use GT85 for this task as its tried and tested multi-purpose spray, that actually has multiple uses to help complete tasks at work and around the home. Never use WD40 as its not a water displacer !!! 
Its important to know that the mechanism on your door is not maintenance free, once a year your door mechanism will need to be lubricated, with the door open , push the handle down and lightly spray in the latch, then lift the handle up this will move the hooks/rollers/mushrooms  out into the engaged position, lightly apply the silicon spray to the top hook and  repeat don to the bottom hook. 
To sped the lubricant evenly push the handle up and down repeatedly , at least 5-6 times. Spray some lubricant into the cylinder lock itself then insert the key itself several times , this will work the lubricant into the cylinder, wipe away any access lubricant form the door and frame, try to avoid excessive use of the spray as this will leave the lubricant running out of the bottom of the mechanism thru to the bottom of the door then onto your floor, if this happens then just use a clean cloth to wipe away.
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Servicing your 5 leaver mortice deadlock

Its important to keep your locks clean and free from dust dirt and debris that works its way into the lock , this is of course not an easy job, so if you don’t feel confidant enough feel free to give locksmiths Canterbury a call and we will advise you or come out and do the job for you for reasonable price.
First thing you will need to do is open the door and using the key put the lock into the locked position so the bolt is sticking out the door, unscrew the screws to the face plate and get a pair of mole grips or such tool and place on the bolt of the lock and pull the lock out out, this may need a wiggle to release the lock.  You will need some wet and dry sand paper and or some 0000 extra fine steel wire wool, your preference. 
opening a lock
Carefully undo the screws on hard plate of the mortice lock , and lift of , being carful that the locks innards don’t fall out.
Do a careful inspection and familiarise yourself with the inside of the lock before you start removing bits. 
You must when taking apart this lock take out the leavers and keep them in the exact same order , this is an absolute must as you will find the key will no longer work if the levers are put back in the wrong order. If you mark numbers 1-5 on each lever as you remove them form the lock this will prevent you from getting them mixed up and making sure they are all going back into their corresponding position.
You want to dismantle this whilst its in the lock position so that the spring are not under as much tension, remove the springs and the cam, and set aside to clean later. you may find it helpful to take a photo just to help guide you when replacing all the lock elements.
Remove the bolt stump and finally remove the last lever. 
Now you have an empty lock case you can give it a good clean out and de grease, starting with a good brush out with small paint brush this loosens any debris out. Using white spirit and a tooth brush start scrubbing each element of the lock, and the lock case, they drying with clean paper towels or clean cloth. this is a service Locksmiths Canterbury do offer at a reasonable and competitive price.
With a fine wet and dry sand paper you can go over the brass lock element to remove all of the oxidisation that gathers over the years so its nice and smooth n shiny again.
You will need a tube of multi purpose Lithium Grease for all the pivot points, try not to load to much of the grease in between the flat plates as this could cause a binding motion which then could over power the springs, so very limited (if any grease on the levers) .
The first bit to put back in your case is the latch bolt which sides back and forth, so apply  the grease here, and on all pivot points, use your photo as reference to where each element is to be placed. Grease the cam and drop down into place so as you turn it you can see it interacts with the lock plate , intern moves and slides the latch. Spring plate is next , grease these pivot points, and place the spring over the lugs at the bottom of the lock, this is the one that interacts with the cam. 
taken apart lock
Now its a case of putting the levers back , as stressed before they have to go back in the correct order, if you numbered them 1-5 then 5 was the last to com out therefore its the first go back in then 4 3 and so on. 
Finally take the plate and offer it back on hold it together put the key in and check its all working , locking and unlocking correctly, if this is the case and all is working smoothly, then re insert the screws. Insert your lock back into your door and close then check again the key locks and unlocks the door smoothly.
Take this is only a rough guide as mortice locks differ from lock to lock, some are worthy of restoring and some of the cheaper of the market type may be beneficial to changing, this is something that Locksmiths Canterbury will be sure to offer help with. 
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